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The HAM HUB is proud to offer long term memberships and single-session bookings to local producers, artists and any interested parties. Find out how our studio can become your studio. 


The Recording Studio

This state of the art sonic production space prides itself on giving you the tools to manifest that fresh and dynamic sound you've been hearing in your head. Click below to discover more about the studio space.

The Team

Calvin Donnelly (Sherbet Records)

Mixing // Recording  // Co-owner of The HAM Hub

Under the moniker "Sherbet Records" Calvin employs his passion of alternative music in both the recording and mixing stages of production.

As both a studio engineer and live recording engineer Calvin has worked with an array of Perth artists including GRYFF, Michael Savage, Sly Withers, Mung Dahl, Kovu, The Jump Doubles, Sunshine Punch, Edward Leis, Hibiscus, ...

James Buchanan (Sad Robot Records)

Recording // Mixing // Mastering // Production // Co-owner of The HAM Hub

Whilst Sad Robot Records may have only been established as of Oct 2017, James has been prominent in the recording and live music scene over the last 3 years; working with artists the likes of Rich Road, Edward Leis (Mirrors At The Arcade), ...

Combining his passion for alternative, indie, and lo-fi music ...

Calum McLaughlin (Calum JM Recordings)

Recording Engineer // Mixing Engineer // Mastering Engineer

Specialising in guitar-driven indie rock, Calum has worked with the likes of Great Gable, Spacey Jane, Holding Giants, Chelsea Jones, and Mixed Signals.

Honing his skills as an engineer by practising techniques discovered from shadowing established Perth engineers Simon Struthers and Rob Grant.



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